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Photos from this year’s #CGAF2015!

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In case you weren’t in town for this weekend’s #CGAF2015, here are a few photos from our memorable 52nd edition! Post by Coconut Grove Arts Festival.

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The Arts Festival as seen from above


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A Bird’s-eye view of the CGAF

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Art for All and All for Art! #2014CGAF

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The ‘Art’ in Coconut Grove Arts Festival

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With some 380 internationally known artists bringing their collections to the Festival, visitors can browse through the artists’ work to find the best piece for them. All photos © Coconut Grove Arts Festival

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Romero Britto’s Special Appearance at the Festival

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This year’s poster artist, Romero Britto, visits the Coconut Grove Arts Festival and signs some of the guests’ paintings. All photos © Coconut Grove Arts Festival

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